Tsinghua-Epstein Center for Global Media and Communication (CGMC)

Launched in October, 2008, Tsinghua-Epstein Center for Global Media and Communication (CGMC) adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the emergent opportunities and challenges for China’s “charm campaign” to increase her soft power, and is purported to act as the think tank and talent pool for the nation’s enterprise of international communication (i.e., wai xuan), as well as a dialogic platform for the politicians, entrepreneurs, academicians and media professionals between China and the rest of the world.

CGMC houses a MA program in international journalism and communication and an all-English-taught MA program in global business journalism, training future journalists and communication specialists for Chinese media’s “going global” campaign and the nation branding projects related to government, business, cultural and educational exchanges.

In cooperation with the State Council Information Office, China’s topmost authority for international communication, China’s International Publishing Group, and media outlets like Xinhua News Agency, China Daily and CCTV, CGMC conducts research programs, holds forums and provides training for journalists, communication professionals, publicity officials,spokespersons across China and globe.

Director: Professor Shi, Anbin