Global Media Journal

TheGlobal Media Journal an academic journal, published two times a year, both in hard copy and online. It was initiated by a group of researchers from the School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University, China. With mererly six issues up to date, we are honored to have received submissions from both established and promising junior scholars around the globe. The authors not only come from US, UK, Canada, Sweden, Portugal, but also from developing countries such Zimbabwe and Bangladesh, not to mention different research institutions all over China. Though published in Chinese, the journal possesses an international perspective.

TheGlobal Media Journalinvites contributions from various research areas and interdisciplinary aaproaches such as transnational news flow, international communication, transcultural communication, new media, media critics, media ethics, and outcomes of regional and area studies. We also welcome the transcripts of important lectures, interviews to major scholars, book reviews, etc.

The online edition of theGlobal Media Journalis among the global consortium of the e-journalwww.globalmediajournal.cominitiated in 2002 and based at Purdue University Calumet, USA. The hard copy is published by Tsinghua University Press with the name of Global Media Review.

Director of Editing Committee:LI Xiguang

Editor-in-chief:GUO Zhenzhi

Associate Editor-in-chief:ZHOU Qing'an LU Jia

Executive Editor:CAO Shule

Editor of Digitalization:LI Hongxia

Guest Editors

JIN Jianbin "New Media Studies and Research Methods"

FAN Hong HANG Min "Media Branding"

WANG Junchao "Media Critics"

CHEN Changfeng "Media Ethics"