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Visiting Professor, Tsinghua University

Editor-at-Large and Chart of the Day Columnist, Bloomberg News

Research Interests

Lee Miller specializes in data mining that spots, illustrates, and analyzes global economic, financial, corporate, and social trends. The analysis is designed to help businesses, governments, media, and the public plan for the future.


Data Mining, Corporate Strategies, Ethics, and Writing and Editing.


Lee Miller is Editor-at-Large and Chart of the Day columnist for Bloomberg News. He joined the company in 1991 and was one of Bloomberg's first news staff.

He is also Professor in the Global Business Journalism program at Tsinghua University in Beijing, where he directs the largest Bloomberg Lab at any university in the world. At Tsinghua University, he has taught courses on Data Mining, Corporate Strategies, Ethics and Writing and Editing.

Professor Miller has earned numerous honors, including from the Overseas Press Club of America and Livingston Foundation as well as a Pulitzer Prize nomination for his five-part series ``Bangkok, Busting at the Seams.''

Professor Miller in 2002 conceived Bloomberg's most-read stories column, the first of its kind -- and now a standard feature on every major Web site. In 2006, he was a lead presenter of the news department's business plan to Bloomberg's board of directors and in 2008 he originated the plan for what became global education institute.

Born in Detroit, he began his career as a credit analyst at Manufacturers National Bank after earning a B.A. in Financial Administration with honors from Michigan State University. He later attended the graduate program in journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he won the Vermont Royster-Dow Jones Fellowship. He also studied media management at the Poynter Institute.

Professor Miller has given keynote speeches at the World Knowledge Forum, China Investment Summit, U.S.-Japan Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Korean Industries and dozens of conferences. His courses on business and the media have been taught worldwide, including to government officials from Singapore to Bhutan and China to Thailand.