Tsinghua University Students Visit United Arab Emirates

    A team of ten undergraduate, Master's and doctorate (PhD) students from Tsinghua University recently visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to study corporate culture and cross-cultural communication.

    During their time in the Gulf nation, Tsinghua students focused on UAE and Chinese enterprises, which offered a comprehensive look at businesses along the Belt and Road.

    Asked about their impression of China, foreign students in Dubai said the country throws up an image of honest and hardworking Chinese, as well as the country's strong economy and technology.

    In addition, they felt that manufacturing, food, and kungfu were key features that identified Chinese culture, followed by calligraphy, painting, and traditional Chinese medicine.

    Memories and connections like these between Tsinghua and United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) students help foster mutual acceptance and respect, further facilitating cross-cultural friendships and understanding.

    Global competence is a skill that focuses on being able to learn, work, and live with others from different cultural backgrounds, which was cultivated through this study-abroad program. Some students of Tsinghua University and UAEU struck close friendships.

    Foresight, propagation, and good judgment for urban development of Dubai provide lessons for China and Chinese companies, but at the same time we have to know the intrinsic value of a city, said Feng Wanting, a senior Tsinghua University student.

    UAEU student Saif Al Boloushi said the visit by Tsinghua University students is very prospective for the future. Collaborative ties will lead to global changes since Tsinghua University ranks higher than the rest of Asian universities, he added. (From People’s Daily)