Enrollment Information of M.A. in Global Business Journalism 2016

1.     Introduction
With China playing a central role in the global economy, there is a soaring demand for trained professionals who can understand the exciting, complicated development of the world’s fastest-growing economy – and can explain it – clearly and in depth -- to audiences in China and around the world.

Tsinghua University Master of Arts degree in Global Business Journalism is designed to meet that growing need. The program offers international students the opportunity to master the fine points of business, finance and economics in China. All courses are taught in English -- the international language of business --by internationally renowned scholars and accomplished journalists with extensive global experience. The program’s facilities rival those of other leading journalism schools worldwide. The news lab has the largest number of Bloomberg terminals of any college in the world.

Business journalism is one of the fastest growing areas of employment opportunities in the industry today. News audiences are eager to learn about the world of business, while media departments expect PR professionals to understand and analyze the complexities of business issues.

Tsinghua’s Master of Global Business Journalism Program is designed to offer you the opportunity to meet these growing needs and, at the same time, master the fine points of economics, finance and business in China and the world. We welcome you to join in us!

Launched in 2007, the GBJ program has already been recognized by students and recruiters alike as a world-class program. Academe, the world’s leading journal on higher education, featured a cluster of articles on the program in February 2008. Only the most talented applicants from around the world are accepted, and the student body is culturally and professionally diverse. The full-time program spans two years of intense, fast-paced, rewarding study. Those who complete it successfully emerge with valuable connections, a rich array of opportunities and the business and journalism skills to capitalize on them. It is a two-year experience that will last a lifetime.

The program aims to bring business journalism in China in line with top international reporting standards. The Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication has a long history of cooperation with major international media and financial-information organizations, and visiting scholars have come from outlets such as Bloomberg, Reuters, Business Week, The New York Times, Financial Times, The Washington Post and CNN.
GBJ offers an array of specialized courses that are at the forefront of global business journalism. Students can learn about international accounting standards, multimedia journalism, data mining, complex financial derivatives, journalism ethics, advanced feature writing techniques and the management of media organizations – knowledge that is transferable to other economies and other professions. At the same time, they gain a deeper knowledge of the Chinese language and economy.
The GBJ program benefits from other academic resources on the Tsinghua campus, including its prestigious School of Economics and Management, as well many Chinese and global media and technology companies in Beijing. Internships, field trips and recruiter visits are integral parts of the program.
GBJ students have opportunities to attend conferences on new media, economic development and other business topics. They benefit from meetings and discussions with guest speakers, including top editors and reporters from leading Chinese and Western news outlets and international business executives. The GBJ has a growing network of smart, sophisticated reporters, editors and public relations professionals who can enhance the world’s understanding of economic and corporate developments in China and globally.

2.     Program Courses

Basic Courses
  Mass Communications and Society in Contemporary China
  Chinese Language
  Intercultural communication
  Media Research Methods
 Workshop for Academic Training and Ethics
Core Courses
  Business News Writing and Editing
  Multi-media Business Reporting
  Economics and Accounting Basics for Journalists
  Business News Data Mining and Analysis
Elective Courses
  Corporate Communication
  Opinion and News Commentary
  Hot topics in the Global Economy
  Feature Writing
  Corporate Strategies, Case Studies of Chinese and  Global Companies
  Personal Finance Reporting
  Media Management
  Workshop on Film and TV Production
  Theory and Practice of Public Diplomacy
  Data Journalism
  Public Relations: An Introduction
  Public Speaking
Other Requirements
  Literature Review and Thesis Proposal

3.     Qualification of Applicants
Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree in related fields and certificate for English proficiency.
4.     Application Documents
1)       The completed Foreigner's Application Form for Admission to Graduate Programs of Tsinghua University with a 2-inch recent photo, signed by the applicant;
2)    Statement of Purpose and resume;
3)    The original or the notarial degree certificate or proof of education at an academic institution (you need to submit an original or notarial degree certificate after it was awarded) and an academic transcript. The degree certificate and academic transcript must be officially sealed.
4)      Two academic recommendation letters from scholars of associate professorship or higher. They must show referee’s phone number and email address on the letter.
5)      For non-English speaking students, please provide English level certificates. e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, etc.
6)      A copy of your passport page with personal information (personal and ordinary passport);
7)      The completed Application Form for Tsinghua University Scholarship (if applicable, original);
8)       A non-refundable application fee of RMB600.
The certificates provided should be the original documents in Chinese or in English, otherwise notarial translations in Chinese or English are required. None of the above application documents will be returned.
5.     Application Procedure
Step 1: Online Application
Complete Online Application on the website of the Foreign Student Affairs Office, Tsinghua University
(http://intlstudent.cic.tsinghua.edu.cn/app/ ). Print and sign the Application Form produced by the system after the application status changes to “verified.”

Step 2: Documents Submission
Submit the application documents listed above to the address indicated below by post mail or in person.
Step 3:Application Fee Payment
There are two ways to pay application fee:
 ⑴ . Pay online using a credit card;
After your online application form is verified or the materials are received by Tsinghua University, the staff will make you the online payment draft, and at the same time, an email will be automatically sent out to remind you to pay the application fee via the online application system.
⑵ . Pay in cash at the Foreign Student Affairs Office (Room 120,Zijing Building 22)on the campus of Tsinghua University. 

6.     Application Deadline
November 1, 2015 -- March 20, 2016
Both the Online Application and a complete set of Application documents should be completed and the package should be received by March 20, 2016.
7.     Tuition and Scholarship
Tuition:Program tuition fee is RMB39000/year.
Accidental Injury and Hospitalization Insurance: RMB 600/year.
Please visit http://is.tsinghua.edu.cn  for more information about scholarships.

8.      Program Website
For more information about the program, please visit the GBJ website at:

9.      Application Website
For an application, please visit the Application Website at:

10.    Contact Information
Ms. Olivia Xiaoyu Zhou
Room 302, Omnicom Building, School of Journalism and Communication
Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, P. R. China
Tel: +86 10 6279 6842   Fax: +86 10 6277 1410   E-mail: tsjcws@tsinghua.edu.cn