Events Calendar

Before TSJC's Establishment

Sept 1984 Tsinghua University Department of Chinese Language and Literature offering editing major as a minor to students
 May 1996 M.A. in Journalism offered
  Oct 1998 Department of Communication established
Sept 1999 Center for International Communication Studies established
Sept 2000 M.A. in Communication offered
 July 2001 35 sophomore students recruited from other departments; journalism students started their studies in the 2+2 model
Sept 2001 39 journalism students recruited through the national entrance examination
  Oct 2001 Center for New Media Studies established

After TSJC's Establishment

 21 April 2002 TSJC established with the appointment of former People’s Daily Chief Editor, Dean Fan Jingyi. At the same time,    the TSJC Advisory Board and the Center for Media Economics & Management Studies were created.
       Nov 2002 Qingxin Times (the School Newspaper), was launched
      Sept 2003 Ph.D. in journalism and communication Established
28 April 2004 Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao replied to Dean Fan Jingyi. In his letter, he highly praised the rural research reports written by TSJC undergraduates and the school’s development
 26 May 2004 China’s first journalism blueprint 2004-2005: China Media Industry Development Report was distributed
      May 2004 National Research Center for Cultural Industries established. It was appraised as the base of national
philosophy and social science and of national culture industries
              2004 Fan Jingyi, Li Xiguang. Yin Hong, Li Bin and Liu Jianming’s Research on Journalism Education
Transformation received second prize in Beijing Municipality Teaching Achievement Award
 18 Jan 2007 Center for Marxist Journalism and Journalism Education Studies established
 30 Mar 2007 China’s first integrated professional website of criticism media launched by TSJC (
 28 Aug 2007 M.A. in Global Business Journalism launched
        Oct 2007 TSJC undergraduate students who participated in the reporting of Henan Entrepreneurs in Bejing were awarded second prize for the 17th China Journalism Awards.
28 Nov 2007 The TSJC International Advisory Board was established
              2008 Li Xiguang, Si Jiuyue, Lei Jianjun, Zhao Shuguang, Zhang Xiaoqin’s Research on Journalism Education
Transformation received the second prize in Beijing Municipality Teaching Achievement Award
 18 Oct 2008 The Israel Epstein Center for Journalism Studies established
  8 Nov 2008 The Chinese Association for Global Communication established, with TSJC as its headquarter
  5 Sep 2009 M.A. in Global Journalism and Communication Program Established
      Mar 2010 Center for Journalism Studies and Institute of Public Relations and Strategic Communications established
13 Nov 2010 Founding Dean Fan Jingyi passed away
    Dec 2010 Upon President Gu’s invitation, former Pulitzer Prizes administrator chairman Mr. Seymour Topping formed an international accreditation team with notable scholars from the United States, United Kingdom,
Singapore and Hong Kong. The team conducted the accreditation and accomplished the first international
accreditation in Mainland China.